Amnon H. Eden

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University of Essex CSEE
Though it is true that science can be bent to evil ends, it is more often the case that injustice creeps in through the cracks of our ignorance. [A.L.]

Research interests and selected publications:

Codecharts book

Software design theory & practice

LePUS3 and Class-Z

Philosophy of computer science

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy Journal of Applied Logic, Special Issue on the PCS Minds and Machines
The Intension/Locality Hierarchy

The Intention/Locality Hypothesis

Software Design for Security

Round-Trip Software Engineering


The Two-Tier Programming Toolkit

The Two-Tier Programming Model

Artificial Intelligence & forecasting

Singularity Hypotheses Riveting. This is one of the more balanced and insightful commentaries on the pragmatics and the possibilities of the continuing co-evolution of computing and humanity. [G. Booch, Chief Scientist for Software Engineering, IBM Research]

The best introduction to some profound debates about our future as a species. [D. Christian, Macquarie University & Ewha University]

A timely collection of essays by many of the leading researchers who have thought most deeply about the ultimate implications of progress in artificial intelligence and the prospect of an intelligence explosion [M.P. Shanahan, Imperial College]

More reviews of the volume

Scientific Notions of the Technological Singularity, Humanity+ UK